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Julie Payne, CTP, CTIS

Julie Payne is the founder, President, and Tourism Enhancement Specialist at Attractour, a company focused on business development for the tourism industry.  Attractour attracts tourism through building relationships, strategy and education.

Formerly as Project Manager of RLB Marketing, Julie served a variety of clients in the development and execution of sales and marketing initiatives in the travel and tourism industry. Attending Mansfield University and obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree of Tourism was the first step in her journey. Working at AAA through college, gave her insight into domestic and international travel.

Upon graduation, Julie spent ten years as a Group Tour Manager for a Pennsylvania-based tour operator. This experience gave Julie an in depth understanding of the group tour industry from the senior, boomer, student and international perspectives. Developing marketing strategies, creating and escorting group and retail tour programs, trade show attendance, team building and project management are skill sets that she developed and continues to use. Her relationships with tour operators and industry leaders are still strong today. Julie obtained the Certified Tour Professional designation from the National Tour Association and Certified Tour Industry Specialist designation from the American Bus Association.

Julie also served as the Director of Tourism Development for a Harrisburg-based marketing firm, working with clients to drive group and leisure tour business.  She is devoted to her family, husband of 27 years and her Berniedoodle, Baxter.

Julie works in partnership with clients on sales and marketing strategy and execution. She continues to expand her industry knowledge through experience in international and sports tourism.

Julie has been a guest speaker for NTA, PBA, PATT and other associations and DMOS. After almost 30 years in travel and tourism, her experience and passion are the key to the client’s success.

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