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Attracting tourism by educating key staff or members to fully grasp the tourism industry.

Knowledge is power.  In this ever-changing industry, it is crucial for DMO members or key staff to be engaged and have a full understanding of tourism as it relates to their business or region.

Julie Payne, CTP, CTIS has been a guest speaker at NTA, Connect Travel, PBA and many DMO’s to engage their regions and drive unity on current efforts.  On-site or virtual training is vital to ensure success in moving forward with future efforts.

Presentation Examples:

  • Today’s Traveler

  • Getting F.I.T.

  • International Tourism

  • Group Tour 101

  • Group, Meetings, Sports & Trends

  • Heritage Tourism

  • LGBT Tourism

  • Millennials

  • Generational Marketing

  • Sales Pitching Perfection

  • Profile Presentation

Link to Today’s Traveler – NTA presentation


“Our organization has worked with Julie on both Group Tour and International Tourism educational programs. Julie’s versatility, extensive background knowledge and industry experience bring a unique and well-founded perspective to her presentations. Her charisma and high energy keep the audience engaged every step of the way.  Whether our audience is a tourism novice or industry expert, Julie is able to deliver a comprehensive presentation. She delivers above and beyond our expectations each time.”


Nicole Absher, Sales Manager

Destination Gettysburg


Staff Training – On-site training is also vital to ensure success in moving forward with future efforts.

Staff Training workshops:

  • Key Markets

  • Group Tour 101

  • International/FIT

  • Marketing

  • Direct Sales

Julie Payne, CTP, CTIS is an author for ABA Insider.  Articles include:

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